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Holocaust and Survivors

Jewish Poles being rounded up (ushmm Photo Archive ). A daily ration was: a piece of black bread, about as thick as your thumb; some margarine about the size of three sticks of chewing gum; and a small cup

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Conscience created or innate

What she is speaking of is the way in which we veiw ourselves as individuals with separate thinking minds, dependent from our peers and from authority figures. Conscience means an instinctive knowledge of the difference between right and wrong

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The Importance of Baseball game in My Life

Neither of us got our wish President Dwight. It is an impossible situation. Unfortunately it is unavailable in Canadian high schools. Walt Whitman, poet. The baseball game is divided into nine periods of play, each of which is called

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An Entymology of the word Fuck

an Entymology of the word Fuck

"Flen flyys written in bastard Latin and Middle English. Q, from Heres Snijder, Canada : I remember someone telling me once, long ago, that actually the F-word is an abbreviation. APA, mLA, chicago, an Entymology of the word Fuck. The Scots poet William Dunbar, himself a former Franciscan friar, penned these lines (translated here into modern English) sometime before his death, in 1513: He embraced tight, he kissed and groped, As if he were overcome with desire. When a soldier reported sick and was found to have VD, an abbreviation was stamped on his documents, short for. The place-names Ric Wyndfuk and Ric Wyndfuck de Wodehous (which sounds like a brilliant place to live both of which are found near Sherwood Forest in a document from 1287. The code can easily be broken to read.

Fuck Origin and meaning of fuck by Online Etymology Dictionary
On the Origin of Fuck so long as it s words

Jesse Sheidlower, in, the F-Word, his magisterial examination of the words origins and usage based on the researches of Professor Jonathan Lighter, says that acronymic suggestions for its origin only began to appear in the 1960s, at about the time that the traditional taboos. And in 1680 by John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester in a book of what sounds like lovely poems: Thus was I Rookd of Twelve substantial Fucks. Non sunt in coeli, quia gxddbov xxkxzt pg ifmk. Fuccant (in modern spelling) looks like Latin, but its a humorous fake fuck is actually Germanic, related to Middle Dutch fokken, Norwegian fukka and Swedish focka.

Either is possible, really-John Burton, the abbot in question, was a man of questionable monastic morals. World Wide Words subscriber during his journalism training by a law lecturer, that fuck was commonly used in Chaucerian times in the sense of dibble. Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing. Once upon a time, the English population was decimated by the plague. Some of today's swearwords did indeed originate in Old English, including shit, arse, turd, and the British bollocks. Because space was tight, when adultery was involved they used an acronym that represented the words. If you wanted to talk about making whoopee in a dirty way, the Middle English word to use was swive. It is unclear whether the words are censored because swive and fuck are thought to be obscene, worse in themselves than the other words in the poem, or because the sexual sins of which the author accuses the monks are so horrible they cannot. Ive included this even though its quite late because I really like saying the great fuck upon my weef. (by the Comstock Act, 1873). In 1948, the publishers of Norman Mailers.

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